Our Ministries & Teams

Are you looking for resources or maybe ways to be of service.
We have several ways to serve the community.

If you do not see something that you feel is needed in the community contact the office.
We can help connect the resources to the people to help it grow.

The Closet.

This is a no questions asked clothing closet that is free to any in need. Maybe a nice dress shirt for an interview, a comfortable sweater, or some shoes and socks…come and see if we have what you need or if we know somewhere that does.

This ministry is also in connection to Slab City Ministries collecting clothing donations for their orphanages in Mexico.

The Pantry.

While we have limited space in this ministry, we can help supplement individuals and families until the next food drive at other community centers.

We welcome donations of cans of food, dried foods with long shelf life and other non-perishables

The Shower.

This ministry is open for anyone in need of the facilities during office hours. Whether someone is unhoused or maybe there is no water available in their home. All are welcome.

Donations of toiletries are always welcome.

The Worship.

On Sundays the people get to see the work that goes into planning, organizing and bringing a sense of awe into the world as we praise God together. Do you sing? Play an instrument? Familiar with streaming video? Decorating?

All are welcome to bring their gifts to the altar.

Caregiver Support Group.

Every other Wednesday, support and resources are offered for those in the community that are caregivers.

This ministry also reaches out to other non-profits to help bring testing and information to the Borrego Springs area.

Contact the office to find the next meeting date.

The Decor Team.

This team helps bring a sense of awe and reverence for God during worship and a festive celebration of fellowship.


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